In TYA, everyone is invited! No matter what your story is or where you are in your journey with Jesus, we believe God has something for you.

In life, it’s better to be known well than well known. Our desire is to see you grow in Jesus while growing towards others. We believe church is more than a one/two-hour gathering on a Sunday. Church is not only a crowd gathered around a platform, but a Community sharing life around a table. Our rhythms are the primary way that we practice the way of Jesus, together, in Lubbock.















"In Lubbock, as it is

in Heaven."
















Once a week, we gather for a Sunday service. Sunday’s are marked by a time of prayer, worship, and scripture. Sunday is where we celebrate and experience both God and one another. This is to practice the value of Prayer and Worship.


As Lubbock grows ethnically it also grows ethically. We are for diversity but the latter brings many problems. One of them is a lack of vision for who we want to become collectively in the future is. Wednesday is a way for us to have agreement in the morals we hope to share and the habits we strive to grow into. One of the values TYA upholds is Growing together. We believe that we grow together when we allow scripture to reform our thinking, instead of worldly culture.



One of the values TYA upholds is Belonging. We are a group of diverse people following Jesus and bound together by the Holy Spirit. TYA meets on a monthly basis in a home. We meet informally with the aim of intentionally connecting with others so we can continue to learn and live out our shared story; the Gospel in community.