Men's Ministry

Trinity Men’s Ministry is on a mission to help men connect in enjoyable and meaningful ways. It’s so simple anyone can do it! Will you be one of our first 100 men to start hanging out regularly with two or three trusted friends on purpose? We call this a Band of Brothers.

A Band of Brothers is not…

Another meeting
A traditional Bible study

What is a Band of Brothers?

2 or 3 men you do life with
You gather regularly around stuff you like to do! (golf, fishing, UFC, etc.)
Laughter and food are usually involved
You go on trips and do projects together

Start your own Band of Brothers – We equip and support you to build this unique non-traditional connection with men you trust. Click here to get started.

Other Ways to Get Connected:

1. Point Man – Point Men care for and support Band of Brothers leaders behind the scenes. Click here to explore this role.

2. Traditional Men’s Groups – We offer some traditional men’s groups that are open and available to anyone. Click here for a current list of open men’s groups.

3. Attend one of our men’s events throughout the year. These include our annual Guys Night Out, golf outings, clay shooting, and more.

To get involved, contact the church at (806) 792-3363 or email .