"an appointment with God"



Kairos FAQs

How do I know if KAIROS is for me?

We believe that Kairos is for everyone who wants to go deeper with God, be refreshed, and gain strength, clarity, and purpose in their daily walk.

What will I experience at KAIROS?

You will experience anointed worship, teaching, testimonies, and ministry exercises that will help you hear from and relate to God in new ways.  Revelation and deep healing result from this incredibly intimate encounter.

Will I still have privacy even though KAIROS is in a group setting?  

Kairos creates a safe place.  Although this event is held in a group setting, it is all about each individual having a personal encounter with God.

Why should I attend both days of KAIROS?

For maximum impact, we highly recommend that you attend Kairos from start to finish.

Do I need to be a member of Trinity to attend KAIROS?

Membership at Trinity Church is not a requirement.

Is childcare provided?

Childcare is not available for KAIROS. Parents are requested not to bring children under age 18.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your Bible and a pen. We provide a workbook, Saturday lunch, snacks, and drinks for the entire event.


For more information, call (806) 792-3363 x3370 or email .