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Director of Heartline (Women's Center)

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POSITION SUMMARY: Oversee the daily operation of Heartline. Lead the staff by providing vision and direction. Lead the development efforts of the Center to ensure annual funding goals are met. Director should have a heart for serving clients, staff, donors and have an emphasis on medical background/knowledge.

Candidates should closely align with Trinity's values and beliefs.  This includes being filled with the Holy Spirit.   Candidates must be or willing to become a member of Trinity Church.  In addition, the expectation is that the candidate Affirms the Scripture which defines the roles of male and female and Romans 1:21-27; Romans 1:24-32 condemns the homosexual lifestyle. (1 Cor. 6:9-20; Eph 4:1-11, 5:3-5)
Trinity Church and School does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law as it applies to churches. However, Trinity does discriminate on the basis of religion.


Supervisory the following: Client Advocate Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Nurse Manager, Nurse

To make prayer an integral part of the day to day operation of the center
Provide the vision for how we live out the mission, including the strategy for the program and activities we operate

Oversee staff to ensure proper record-keeping and effective follow-up.
Facilitate smooth and efficient operation of the office by ensuring proper staffing, managerial support, direction and supervision to the staff and to the center.

Meet with staff to discuss client and staff needs, progress, problems, and goal setting

Attend all medical advisory council meetings

Ensure that all staff have accessibility to continuing education regarding crisis pregnancy, STDs, and business relations of the crisis pregnancy clinic.

Oversee expenditures for budgeted expenses of the center each month
Develop and submit an annual budget with assistance of supervisor.
Produce Ministry Reports, Option Ultrasound Reports for Focus on the Family, etc.

Coordinate with the Trinity Church ministry team a yearly calendar for the ministry and implementation of special events

Administrate all things business related to the clinic (Purchase Orders, Service Contracts, Financial Donations, etc.)

Maintain the overall look of the clinic, keeping it fresh and inviting.


Direct and plan major fund-raising events, direct mail pieces and newsletters each year.
Communicate with donors (by newsletter) on a quarterly basis.
Meet with donors and maintain/develop relationships
Assist staff with educational programs, when needed.
Develop advertising strategy.
Oversee public relations and promotional responsibilities.
Create annual operating plans for fundraising and development activities.
Coordinate and manage major events such as fundraising banquet and Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.
Develop and steward a Heartline Advisory Team.
Help develop the Vision, Mission and Values Statement of Trinity Church and grow in personal discipleship through: Bible study, prayer, regular church attendance, life groups, and consistent giving of tithe and offerings.

QUALIFICATIONS: 4-5 years proven work experience at a professional level. College education is preferred. Combination of experience and education may be considered. Must possess knowledge of basic nursing and/or client care, accounting and purchasing practices; Must have high level of proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Ability to plan and manage multiple projects; attention to detail; Must possess excellent interpersonal skills; Must have knowledge of general administrative practices, such as but not limited to, budgeting, staffing, develop and follow policies and procedures. 3 years supervisory experience.


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